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24. April 2014
Patients with relapsing-remitting form of the disease showed fewer brain lesions with ofatumumab
24. April 2014
Allergic people have a new option for treating the underlying cause of hay fever: under-the-tongue tablets they can take at home.
24. April 2014
How you react to a binge can determine what happens next.
24. April 2014
WebMD helps you decide whether a hip or knee replacement is right for you.
24. April 2014
Use WebMD's 7 steps to ease the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis.
24. April 2014
Most States To Rely On Federal Website For 2015 Enrollment
24. April 2014
Opponents of the increasingly popular devices worry about their impact on children
24. April 2014
More than half of parents said the drugs are helpful
24. April 2014
Researchers conclude there isn't enough evidence to support supplement use
24. April 2014
Researchers looked at recurring infections caused by C. difficile bacteria