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28. July 2014
HRT, hormone therapy, early hormone therapy
28. July 2014
Study confirmed it helps regulate blood sugar levels, increases insulin sensitivity in people with more of it
28. July 2014
U.K. researchers found it transferred a tenth of the bacteria that gripping hands did
28. July 2014
The FDA has approved over-the-counter Flonase Allergy Relief, or fluticasone propionate 50 mcg nasal spray, for treatment of hay fever or upper respiratory allergies, its maker GlaxoSmithKline announced.
28. July 2014
Odds are small, but family, doctors should keep possibility in mind, researchers say
28. July 2014
2 Americans Working in Liberia Are Infected With Ebola
28. July 2014
Study found overweight kids who had surgery were more likely to become obese within seven months
28. July 2014
Health Plans' Limitations Rankle Some Enrollees
25. July 2014
Seniors scored worse on tests than young adults, study says
25. July 2014
Injected blood thinners don't prevent pregnancy complications in women who may be prone to blood clots, a new study shows.